Tuesday, 23 December 2008

I'll miss you guys!

While I'm on vacation! See you on December 31. Mwah, mwah, and mwah! I'm going to Europe!!! I'm so excited. God, I'm hyper. LOL!

Luvs ya,

Monday, 22 December 2008

Did you get it?

I got that email from Stardoll.
They are quite often sending me emails now. But I'm not complaining, I like it ;)

Free gift, eh?
Stardollars maybe? xD

I'm gonna log in anyway. I'll be bored of waiting for my parents to get up so I can open the presents, so I'll come onto Stardoll!
Anyway, did you get this email?


Hey Ya'll Lettie97 here! You may know me from all my other blogs. I have been asked to write for this blog, but I'm not sure I can get that many posts in, but I'll try.

Merry Xmas


Sunday, 21 December 2008

Best Looking This Week !

I Was Randomly Looking Around Stardoll Pages And I Saw This Completely Gorgeous MeDoll And An Idea Struck Me ! I Thought, Why Doesn't This Blog Have A Best Looking Of The Week. This Gorgeous Girl Was Called : lorensmith27 ! Well Done And Congrats x

Here Are Some Pictures :

Isn't She Gorgeous ? x


Hey! I'm Scribonia326, but I go by Boni. I was asked to write for this blog...I don't really know if I can post that much, but I'd love to give this blog a jump start. :) And check out my other blogs here (TSJ) and here (Hot and Not of Stardoll).


Hey This Is Me SmilieGirl73 (Hahh Hahh That Rhymed)

Well This Is My First PostThis Club Is All About Stardoll And Stardoll Cheats x

Tell Your Friends About This Blog And We Could Be The Second Biggest Stardoll Blog (The First Would Be thestardolljuice.blogspot.com)

Love Ya x